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To get in touch with us regarding charity, fun and women only ride requests, blogs, touring stories and for any nominations for all of your event, places of interest and recommendations for cycle friendly places to stay, please e-mail to the address below or contact us via Twitter. If there’s something you’d like to see us add to the site or for any feedback just let us know. We look forward to hearing from you! There are three ways to contact us, e-mail, Twitter and Facebook. Click on the links below or the icons on every page & don’t forget to like us on Facebook!  

Advertise your company, charity or event with us

We will shortly be opening a limited amount of advertising space on our website. There will only be three ad spaces available on per page with the exception of the home page where only A & C will be available. Please see below for illustrations of the positioning of all of the advertising spaces to show how the ad spaces appear online.
Just three months since our launch in July 2015, we have been steadily growing and we are now visited by 750 to 1,000 unique visitors each month with this number growing steadily. With all the charity, fun, family and ladies only events we list along with sportives, overseas charity events, blogs and touring stories, we already have a growing following of readers coming back as well as our new visitors. We regularly attract 40-50,000 hits per month so plenty of opportunities to get your message out there!
To keep things simple we will only show the price for each banner ad separately and you have the freedom to choose on which page (or pages) you would like to advertise. We have also added a discounted option for taking two banners on the same page. The cost for the ad spaces will be per page and per calendar month. Banner Advert and position                                                        PCM  Ad Space A – Top of page next to header 550 x 75                £12.50 Ad Space B – Square next to header picture 290 x 280    £12.50 Ad Space C – Bottom of page 850 x 150                                        £16.00 Ad Space A & C – Two banners on same page                            £24.00  
If you are interested in any of the above advertising packages in 2018, please contact us via e-mail at leisurecycling@outlook.com and we will get back to you with further details. 
The website for cyclists of all ages and abilities. We aim to be the one stop resource for charity, fun and family ride listings. We also offer a place for cyclists to publish blogs about  your cycling experiences, touring stories and to showcase your recommended cycle friendly places to stay & activities.