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New ideas and cycling innovations

Have you thought of a brand new cycling innovation and would like some help in promoting your Kickstarter campaign to a wider audience? We would love to showcase your campaign utilising our website and social media outlets to help you get the word out to the online cycling community and raise the funding required to make your dream a reality. Whether you have a product no cyclist can do without, a new piece of kit that will revolutionise cycling as we know it or maybe a new kind of cycle clip, we would love the chance to help you advertise your idea.


If you already have a campaign set up on Kickstarter or are currently looking for help fundraising, just drop us a line, and we’ll add a page to our site detailing your campaign together with links direct to your Kickstarter campaign so people can join in if they like your idea! We’ll also promote your idea via both our Facebook page and our Twitter account to ensure your campaign will getnoticed by our cycling community and beyond. We will do all this free of charge as we only want to see your new idea get the maximum exposure online and hopefully help it become reality. Just get in contact!
If you have an idea for a new cycling product, have a Kickstarter campaign running and would like us to promote your fundraising efforts free of charge, mail  leisurecycling@outlook.com with all of the details and we’ll get back to you.
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