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Cycling Travel Journal - Kickstarter Campaign


Pedaling to publishing

After cycling more than 20,000km, for 18 months, and through 24 different countries, seasoned cycle-tourer, Claire Mason, decided to take on a new challenge with her friend, and talented artist, Ania Butler. The pair wanted to create a travel journal that would encourage people to embark on their own adventures and tell their own story. Both Claire and Ania are determined to produce an eco-friendly journal with a small carbon footprint; thereby adhering to the same principles that guide travelling anywhere under your own steam. This is the press release for their fantastic project. Claire Mason, co-creator of the journal comments, “With my partner, I cycled through the deserts of Oman, the mountains of Nepal, and the jungles of Burma, and I wanted to capture the details of the journey before they faded from memory. I wanted to document the people I met, the incredible sights I gazed upon, the weird and wonderful food I devoured, and the way I felt whilst pedalling day after day. Having now been home for 8 months, I’ve come to realize that, although they seemed to be insignificant at the time, it is the small things from my trip that I now find to be of most interest to me.” Following Team GB’s latest cycling medal haul in Rio, and the Tour de Britain, which is showcasing the best of the country by bicycle throughout September, cycling is back in the spotlight. Cycle tourism is a flourishing industry. Discovery channel UK recently aired a documentary following endurance adventurer Sean Conway as he cycled, ran, and swam, his way around mainland Britain. As well, the UK held its first annual cycle touring festival in May 2015. This burst of cycling enthusiasm makes it the opportune time to publish a unique, illustrated, travel journal - created by a cyclist solely for other like-minded tourers. With so many people choosing to travel by bicycle and at a time when the digital era has sped everything up, this journal encourages the opposite; a chance to reflect on life at a slower pace. “Travelling by bicycle is a very different experience from any other sort of travel. There is far more interaction with people as the barrier between you and the outside world is non-existent - unlike motorised transport. Everything is slowed down, giving you time to absorb what is going on around you and, most importantly, you are leaving no dirty mark on the world!” So what makes this journal so different? The journal is designed to allow the user to be really creative. Not only are there pages for writing but there is also pages for sketching and creating collages. Throughout, there are beautiful illustrations inspired by Claire’s trip and a world map to document the planned route. You’ll also find motivational quotes, hearty, easy-to- make recipes, touring tips inspired by Claire’s lessons learned, space for contact details of your newly-made friends, and an envelope to store mementoes like ticket stubs or postcards. Even an eco-friendly rubber band is included to hold your journal together. An additional unique feature of the travel journal is a little guide detailing how to draw your own personal map.
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London-based cycle-tourer and talented artist, team up to create the perfect travelling journal

The journal is A5 size with 128 pages and we have ensured it will be produced in the most eco-friendly and ethical ways as possible. It is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper using biodegradable inks and renewable energy and is printed by a London Worker Co-operative.  Unusual for items produced today, the journal was conceived, designed and printed in East London; therefore, minimizing the carbon footprint. Ania, originally from Poland, has been living in East London for the past 5 years working as an architectural assistant. A talented artist, Ania was the chief designer of the ‘Grand Map of London’ a contemporary map made in a historical style which took more than three years to produce. It was hailed by The Guardian as ‘One of the 10 best hand-drawn maps’. Ania is also an active cyclist and was inspired by Claire’s adventure. Ania comments, ‘’I was keen to be involved in creating a journal that would allow other cyclists to be creative and capture their own trip in a unique way.’’ Their kickstarter campaign went live on the 24th October and we are pleased to confirm the target was reached and more! If you’d like to buy one of these superb journals  you can find out how by clicking here. You can also read more from Claire’s worldwide cycling adventures by going to her blog website www.puncturesandpanniers.com Finally, if you’re looking for Christmas presents for the cycling mad lady in your family, Claire has come up with some ideas in this quick guide. I think you’ll agree a truly superb idea and a fantastic product. The perfect Christmas gift for any cyclist especially if you or a friend is planning a tour, a great way to help preserve the memories! We’d like to wish Claire and Ania all the very best of luck with their project and we look forward to hearing more from them as their business grows!