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Recommended By You

You can recommend all types of places to stay, camp sites, holiday camps, B&B’s, guest houses, inns and hotels we will do the rest. Don’t forget to mention why you are recommending them, maybe they were comfortable rooms, a tasty breakfast, good value for money, friendly and helpful staff or for any other reason you feel you want to nominate them. Feel free to recommend places of interest, one-off events, amenities or attractions you feel will be of interest to your fellow cyclists. Maybe you’ve been to a cycle show, fun day, cycling exhibition or museum that you’d recommend to likeminded people all over the UK. For all nominations we will contact the organiser or owner, explain why they have been recommended and once they have given us permission, add the details here for all cyclists to see!
The website for cyclists of all ages and abilities. We aim to be the one stop resource for charity, fun and family ride listings. We also offer a place for cyclists to publish blogs about  your cycling experiences, touring stories and to showcase your recommended cycle friendly places to stay & activities.

Welcome to our recommendations section

We are looking for your help in recommending great places to stay or go in the UK for the cycle lover. Have you been to a great cyclist friendly guest house, B&B or hotel on your travels? We are looking for your help to recommend excellent places to stay for your fellow cyclists. We’d love to hear all about the many hostelries throughout the country that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make life comfortable and safe for cyclists and their equipment. We would like to showcase accommodation where you have received a friendly welcome, helpful staff and comfortable rooms that we can share with our readers. Once nominated we will contact the business or organiser and run direct links to their booking service so cyclists will be safe in the knowledge they have been recommended by fellow cyclists and you will receive great service.
To nominate a business, event, or attraction simply e-mail the details to us at leisurecycling@outlook.com and we will do the rest. Thanks for helping to make this a great resource for all cyclists!