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Tilnar Cycling Challenge

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Have you ever wanted to have one big cycle challenge each year? Whether your aim is to ride 2 or 200 miles, 15 mins or the total 15 hours. Whether on roads, tracks or even on a static bike. Whether you are an elite cyclist, a weekend warrior or just an occasional rider, this is the challenge for you. How many miles can you ride in up to 15 hours between 6 am and 9pm? You pick your own route, you can take part anywhere in the world and you decide how far you ride… Participating is easy. You can plan your own route or join an event in your local area. You can cycle on your own or as part of a group. No expensive travel arrangements to start points 100s of miles away. You can start from your own front door! It is your day and you decide how you want to take part. You can either go out for a solo ride, or plot a more organised route with friends and family around a base, or even join a more formal organised event. The Tilnar Cycle Challenge wants to inspire the next generation in 2016 so children under 18, providing they are accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian, will be able to enter so why not make it a family fun day out, have fun, be active and also support charity!
The Tilnar Cycle Challenge is an annual cycling endurance event inspiring you to ride as many miles as possible in up to 15 hours (6am - 9pm) on Sunday 26th June 2016. Participants can choose to start and finish anytime within the time limits and they choose their own route. For some it will be a chance to compare their cycling endurance on their own local roads to all other participants on one day each year. Others will regard it more as a social day with a leisurely start time. An opportunity to have an enjoyable cycle, at their own pace, whilst raising funds for their chosen charity. It is your challenge and you decide! You record your efforts on your cycle computer, cycling app or manually if you’re an occasional cyclist. Once you have completed the challenge, enter your results on our website, and compare your efforts against all others in a wide range of categories. The distances ridden by our challengers in 2015 ranged from 2 to 216 miles and everyone wants to cycle further next time! Set the date, and remember TILNAR - This Is Life Not A Rehearsal so step up to the challenge and enter today. Get Inspired. Adult Entry Fee: £12.95 Child Entry Fee: £4.95

Event details

Charity is the winner

The TILNAR cycle challenge donates £9.00 per adult registration to either Cancer Research UK or to Porridge and Rice, who support children in the slums of Nairobi. Once entered, you will also have the opportunity to raise sponsorship for any charity of your choice, making the Tilnar Cycle Challenge a great fundraising event for all charities. The remainder of each entry is used to go towards and cover running and administrative costs which includes 24 hour personal liability cover with Cycle Plan, the marketing costs of promoting this event globally, website costs, banking, credit card and PayPal charges, and VAT etc. We want you to raise funds for a charity of your choice. You can set up a MyDonate, JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving Page for your favourite charity that you support. Your motivation to cycle further will be greater if your are participating to raise funds for a charity you have a personal connection to.
To advertise your charity, fun and family rides, please e-mail leisurecycling@outlook.com with the details and we’ll add your events to our listings. We advertise all cycling events and festivals large or small (free of charge!) so if you run and/or organise a charity cycling event drop us a line!

Tilnar Cycle Challenge Press Release - June 2016

The second annual Tilnar Cycle Challenge took place on Sunday 26th June 2016.  It was a great success which is expected to have helped raise in excess of £10,000 for charities across the UK and beyond  through entry donations and personal sponsorship. The Challenge inspired people around the country and across the world, no matter what age, size or ability to get on their bikes and see how far they could cycle. The premise of the challenge was simple to INSPIRE people to see how far they could cycle in one day between 6 am and 9 pm for charity.  The Tilnar Cycle Challenge raised money directly for 3 charities, Cancer Research UK, Porridge and Rice & Re~Cycle by donating £9.00 of each £12.95 adult entry fee and £3.00 of every £4.95 child entry fee to the charity selected by the entrant.  The challengers also had the opportunity to raise sponsorship for their own favourite charity.  Entries were up nearly 50% on last year with hundreds of riders taking part from 10 different countries across the world including riders from Australia, America, Germany and Kenya.
The Tilnar Cycle Challenge inspired riders of all ages and abilities to take part and many cycled further than they had ever cycled before.  The stories received from many of the 2016 challengers are truly inspirational.  One of the challengers, Corinne Black, climbed over 18,000 feet in a 155 mile ride.  One of our international challengers, Archie May, rode 156 miles in the ride organised by 1000 Rides for the Tilnar Cycle Challenge from Nairobi to Namanga in Kenya. The Female Hall of Fame Distance Champion was Gina Cleere who rode 225 miles whilst riding laps of a 7 mile course around a reservoir.  The Male Hall of Fame Distance Champion, Lee Christie, cycled 254.5 miles from Southend to Bicester in Oxfordshire and back in the day.  One of our favourite stories came from two 6 year olds who, whilst riding 11 miles in the challenge, were heard to say "keep going, it wouldn't be called a challenge if it was easy”! Please look at our website www.tilnarcyclechallenge.org and Facebook pages www.facebook.com/tilnarcyclechallenge  & www.facebook.com/groups/TilnarCycleChallengers to read about some of the inspirational stories that we are already receiving. Some Schools and pre-schools also got involved in the 2016 Tilnar Cycle Challenge and used it as a great way to raise funds for their school.  21 pre-school children rode 1 mile in the Tilnar Cycle Challenge and a group of around 40 children from one Primary School cycled over 150 miles between them in 90 minutes in their Tilnar Cycle Challenge. The Tilnar Cycle Challenge was the idea of Tom Hawes, a keen cyclist and the owner of the Fair Trade supplier, Tilnar Art, who gives his time to run the Tilnar Cycle Challenge. Tom was thrilled with the success of the event in its second year and how it continues to grow.  He said, “After the huge success of the Tilnar Cycle Challenge this year, I am confident it will continue to grow into the huge one day celebration of cycling that becomes one of the main targets for cyclists of all ages and abilities.  The inspirational stories and positive feedback we have received, from cyclists of all ages and abilities, means we are sure the challenge is going to keep growing into an inspiring sporting event that will raise tens of £1,000s for charity over the coming years.”  Tom hopes that the inspiration stories will mean many more will Get Inspired by and Get Involved in the Tilnar Cycle Challenge next year. The Tilnar Cycle Challenge is very grateful to its 2016 sponsors, Hamilton Carpets, Bike Bible, John Sear Estate Agents and www.its.co.uk See you in 2017! Please click here to see details for the 2017 event on Sunday 25th June.